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Men 1 1/4
  • Men 1 1/4
  • Men 1 1/4
  • Men 1 1/4" Plaited Buckle Belt

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    Products Description

    Founded in 1932, outback outfitters R.M. Williams have cemented their place as an Australian icon. The 1 1/4" Plaited Buckle Belt is worked in genuine leather and fitted with gold-toned brass accents.

    - Width: 3.5cm
    - Plaited leather
    - Brass buckle
    - Manufactured in Australia

    It is important to note that your belt size is not the same as your pant size. To get the perfect fit, go up 2 inches from your R.M.Williams pant size. This will allow enough room to go around your pants and space to tuck in a shirt. You want the buckle to be sitting in the middle hole.

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